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 FMCG Turk haberi 13.07.2021
Turkey's export expectation index stands at 127.6 for Q3
Export expectation index at 127.6 for 3rd quarter, down 4.4 points from Q2, according to Treasury and Finance Ministry

Turkey’s export expectation index for the third quarter of 2021 stands at 127.6, according to the Foreign Trade Expectation Survey (FTES), the country's Treasury and Finance Ministry announced on Thursday.

The export expectation index fell 4.4 points from 132 points in the previous quarter, the ministry said.

"Diffusion indices of survey questions composing the index show that the expectations regarding exports and export orders for the next three months and the level of current export orders have decreasing effects over the index, while the export orders of the last three months have an increasing effect over the Index," it explained.

The import expectation index, however, rose 2.9 points from the previous quarter, reaching 114.5 points, the survey found.

The survey, which was done on June 1-17, reflects the assessments of leading Turkish foreign trade firms on the recent and current situation along with their future expectations.

A reading of more than 100 points indicates a positive outlook on foreign trade by the leading firms covered in the survey.